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Welcome to the Board of  Lectors
About the board of Lectors

When the Sacred Scriptures are read in the Church, God himself speaks to His people, and Christ, present in His word, proclaims the Gospel. Therefore, the readings from the word of God, which is to be listened to reverently by everyone, should be proclaimed to God’s people with utmost clarity and fitting reverence for they are an element of the greatest importance in the liturgy.

St Charles Borromeo BOL is the society responsible for the proclamation of God’s word during the Holy sacrifice of Mass.

Who is a Lector?

Lector is a Latin word meaning “one who reads.” A lector is the person who proclaims the first or second reading at Mass. This person also leads the prayers of the Faithful during Mass. Lector do not just carry out a physical function but it is both physical and spiritual. They proclaim God’s word as prophets of God and do so with their emotions & Being. The function of a lector is very essential.

Being a lector is a ministry and this ministry in the Church requires a person who has a sincere desire to minister in this capacity at the Eucharistic liturgy; a person who is serious about the practice of their faith. The lector must believe that Sacred Scripture is the word of God and have deep respect for God’s presence in that word.

Who can be a Lector?

  • Man, woman or young person
  • A person in full communion with the Catholic Church (practicing catholic who is a communicant)
  • A person serious about the practice of the faith.
  • A person who is willing to undergo the training/formation process required to mold a good lector

How does a person become a Lector?

Parishioners may volunteer by contacting any of the St Charles BOL executives listed below:

Chidinma Nwosu [President]

Mrs. Priscilla Ogwemoh [Vicepresident]

Mr. Nicholas Ugege [Secretary]

Ms. Omoh Aigbona [Treasurer]

Volunteers may also make their desire to become a lector known directly to the Parish Priest.

St. Charles Borromeo BOL has a constitution, which governs the body; prescribing guidelines for executives’ functions, criteria for new members or volunteers, weekly meetings, proclamation of the word, conduct/behavior of a lector, welfare of members etc. Our patron saints are Saints Peter and Paul and feast day is 29th June.

Volunteers are placed under probationary period of 3months during which they are guided and monitored on voice inflection, diction, proper pronunciation, carriage and conduct during Mass and other established criteria. The objective is to ensure reverenced proclamation of the Word of God and ultimate cultivate a deep spirituality in every lector.

All new members/candidates for lector must receive formation [i.e. training and coaching] normally done during weekly meetings or as organised by the society. No person, no matter how well educated or trained, may become a lector without following the defined process of registration, meeting attendance and formation for the ministry of lector.


The BOL holds its meetings every Saturday [except last Saturday] from 8:15am – 9:30am. The following activities are carried out during the meeting:

  • Scriptural readings and meditations on Sunday Readings.
  • Preparing the Scriptures prayerfully.
  • Proclaiming the Word: practicum and formation in public speaking.
  • Spiritual talks and sharing usually centered on themes announced by the Pope.
  • Movements and conduct before and during Mass [genuflections, posture at the lectern etc.]
  • Organisation of Lenten Retreat visit and Quarterly Retreats for members.

According to St. Theresa of Liseux, “I will spend my heaven doing good on earth.” There is no greater joy than having the privilege of working in God’s vineyard. It is of even greater honour to be responsible for announcing the Word of God as Jesus did to the people in Luke 4:18 when the Book of the Prophet Isaiah was handed to Him and He opened the Book and read to the people.

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Our Executive Members
Ms Chidinma NwosuPresident
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Mrs Priscilla OgwemohVice President
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Ms Omoh AigbonaTreasurer
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Mr Nicholas UgegeSecretary
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