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The Young Catholic Professionals is a Body of Young Professionals bound by a common vision and mission of using their professions as tools to live out true Christian values of love and service to God. Thus, the Body upholds the motto “LOVE AND SERVICE.”


The objectives of the Young Catholic Professionals are categorized into two broad areas, namely:

  1. Spiritual Objectives
  2. Temporal Objectives

Spiritual Objectives

The Spiritual objectives of the Young Catholic Professionals are:

  • To deepen the Catholic faith of its members and to encourage its members to live that faith in followership and union with the Body of Christ.
  • To uphold, propagate, practice and defend all that the Church teaches concerning faith and morals.
  • To foster love, peace and unity among men of all faith.

Activities directed at achieving these spiritual objectives include Bible studies, Catechetical seminars, Retreats, Pilgrimages, Fellowships, Vigils, Special Masses, and Outreaches.

Temporal Objectives

The Temporal objectives of the Young Catholic Professionals are:

  1. To foster a deeper sense of oneness and love among Young Catholic Professionals.
  2. To promote the welfare of members, the Church and society in general.
  3. To develop and equip members as future leaders in their various professions and vocations.
  4. To provide professional development and career guidance to the youths and serve as role models.

Activities directed at achieving these temporal objectives include:

  • Love feasts, dinner Parties, cocktails and any such social activities.
  • Visits to prisons, hospitals, homes for the aged and children and various works of charity to members and the general society, designing and establishing programmes and schemes to offer aid of any form to the needy.
  • Seminars, workshops, training sessions and business for any such activity for the benefit of Members.
  • Designing programmes and schemes to provide educational training and support to the youths including seminars, career guidance and counseling.


Membership is open tobaptized Catholics who are graduates from a Tertiary Institution and are between the ages of 25 to 50 years. However, consideration can be given to anyone who is outside these criteria but wishes to be part of the Young Catholic Professionals, in so far as he/she is a baptized Catholic.


Members of the Young Catholic Professionals are called to uphold, defend and propagate the vision, mission and objectives of the Body, pay dues and any other monies as may be required to be paid by members, join at least one standing committee of the Body, attend general meetings of the Body and participate in the functions, programmes and activities of the Body.


The meeting of St. Charles Borromeo Young Catholic Professionals holds every Second Sunday of the month immediately after the 10am Mass within the Church premises.


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